I am proud to welcome you to in-depth growing library of online streaming FOCUS videos. This labor of love has truly been a long time coming.

Thought processes and techniques will be shared with you within these FOCUS videos. I will hopefully inspire you to use them as a library resource and reference for your own creations. As time progresses I will go through various topics, burners, wild style connections, character design, can control and black book techniques, just to name a few.

These downloadable FOCUS videos have allowed me a new platform to cover many facets of graffiti art I find important to explore in a much more “focused” manner. There is no better way to continuously offer a wide array of new and different videos than to make them streaming from now on. I have been itching to do these sort of videos for a while now and I consider them all to be the perfect follow up to The Future of Graffiti DVD Trilogy while still holding their own individually. I am honored to bring you a deeper insight and exploration into what I love to do while producing and sharing a multitude of random topics.

Creating The Future of Graffiti DVDs has been a great experience and I will always have the trilogy available to you. Do not forget that throughout the world these DVDs are considered a one of a kind experience and a never before seen ground breaking series on technique and style. I will always know they are worth owning.

My goal was to make these FOCUS videos available to everyone despite of location throughout all corners of the globe. Even with my upgraded servers they are still big files so please have a good broad-band connection because they will only stream as fast as your connection will allow.

What FOCUS video categories are currently being offered?

. Lettering
. Characters
. Black Book

What happens when I order anything other than digital downloads or streaming videos like a poster or prints?

Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery time depending on how far you live from the US. The good thing about ordering from eazoneproductions.com directly is that you will be on the mailing list and will be kept up to date with all new product releases. Ordering FOCUS videos will also put you on the mailing list.

What happens if I order streaming videos and tangible items together?

You will receive your purchase details via email once you complete your order and you will also receive your tangibles in the mail. So feel free to mix and match your order!

Will FOCUS videos play on my computer?

FOCUS videos will play on most any popular computer operating system.

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