What I like to do is pretty niche in terms of “graffiti” art. I am a fan of painting full blown productions with backgrounds, themes, techniques and last but not least wild style letters that form my name “EAZ”. During the past few years I have observed that the dynamic of teacher to student within the graffiti culture has been heavily disrupted. It is tough to learn what it takes to make a wall come to life with spray paint and style without any insight. Although the characters and backgrounds are definitely part of the big picture when I paint, to me its all about expanding and refining my letter style. To make a long story short, I want people to understand where I come from when I put together DVDs like these. I have a passion for all of these things that I do and I chose to share it with the world as best as I can.

While watching my DVDs you can absorb as much as you can. For the most part I don’t tell you “You have to do this or that.”. I share my steps, mode of thinking and techniques with people that genuinely want to see what I do and how I do it. I am proud to be the first graffiti artist to share his work with the world to the extent and fashion that I do.

Not everyone has the luxury to sit over someone’s shoulder that has been aiming to perfect his craft for years. Plus, have you seen what is out there in terms of “how-to graffiti” ? Books and videos from untalented unknowns that make real graffiti writers with years under their belts absolutely sick to their stomachs to see being sold at all. I guess every scene has it’s “splenda”. I have gotten nothing but props from the elite of this graffiti culture for coming out with these dvds. That equals pure stevia baby!


All positive things! I still to this day I get emails thanking me for making a DVD like this. Its amazing the sheer amount of great emails I get all the time. From the progress they have achieved “with my help”, to a ton of people asking when the second DVD is going to be done! It sincerely makes me happy to hear all of the positive reinforcement from people I have never met about the things that I do and show. I am very into the inspiration that I have given people that have discovered this DVD. Its very motivating!


I have found that there are a lot of graffiti DVDs that inspire bombing or tagging. I wanted to create a different kind of inspiration. I wanted to get people excited to draw and experiment with their letter style on paper first. The underrated, most important part of graffiti, perfecting your style and drawing.

Like the first DVD, it is definitely a ground-breaking release with nothing else like it since graffiti’s inception. I have listened to what everyone has been asking me. Thankfully they are inquisitive in the ways I go about style. I made this DVD to answer a lot of the questions I have gotten since the release of the first DVD in 2005 “Letter Style and Painting Techniques”. With “Wild Style Lettering” I went well and above what I believe people were expecting of the second installment of “The Future of Graffiti” series. I show people what I do, not “how-to-do”.

Everyone is different. Even If you copy everything I have done to the last line, I am positive that these DVDs that I put out, in general, will give a good base for people to get better and expand their work into a new and uncharted direction. Thats the goal. non two people are exactly the same so if someone is taking this seriously they will know that it isn’t a good idea to be an EAZ clone.

The core of this DVD is me creating a wild style alphabet from A to Z. I filmed it from over head. I didn’t delete a lot of footage from the pencil sketches I had to create to get the final letter either. I think thats one of the things that makes this DVD special. You get to see what I erase and replace on all my letters. What it took me to get my final letter. I also speak about what I am doing while I am doing it. Just watching me sketch alone, I think, will benefit a lot of people. It lets you see that it doesn’t just happen. It takes dedication to do wild style lettering. I had the honor of getting Ces and Serve (2 very respected style masters from the Bronx nY) to agree to do a few bonus letters for this DVD. The conversations during are truely insightful aswell. I mean, when was the last time you saw Ces or Serve sketch letters or speak on their style for the world to see? There is also some painting footage of some recent walls. Last but not least, something new and never before seen. “The Eaz Colorizer : Version 001″ a software I created that lets you change the coloring of various aspects of the finished letters I created for the DVD. Lets say you only have a limited amount of colors at your disposal at any given day, now you can swap colors visually and not in your head. now you don’t need to waste time at the wall, you can play with all your colors right at your computer! I found myself looking forward to finishing this software so I could use it myself. I never understood why no one has done this before either because it made alot of sense to me on many levels. I think paint companies will try and copy it and make a derivative of it, but now you know who did it first! I think you can look forward to updated versions of this software on future DVD releases. 


Yes, from start to end. 3d animation, audio tracks, content and authoring. I have spent countless hours studying, designing and denying many freelance jobs in order to complete these DVD projects. The various pieces that comprise the latest release “Wild Style Lettering” make for a great finished product and made all of my hard work and sacrifices well worth it.


Yes, I produce all the music and sound design for my all videos, however simple or complex. A lot of custom synth patches and drum sequencing with virtually little to no sampling like typical hip-hop beats. I have no idea what genre I would place my music in. I try and lean towards different styles. ALl I can say is it was a true challenge to try and come up with my own melodies at first. MAn it was nerve racking! When I finally made up my mind that I wanted to do these DVDs back in 2005, I realized I needed to make beats that were officially mine. I didn’t want to take anyone else’s hard work from some of my favorite producers like Excision, 6Blocc or Alchemist or any other producers that I like. I was obligated to learn how and learn quick. I have done beats before but nothing even remotely done to completion, it was more like playing on the computer than anything. Someone gave me a copy of Rebirth back in 1995 (I think) and I played with that a lot.

I grew up listening to real hip hop. That was the first music I was consciously into and went out of my way to get, so in a way I always had beats in my blood. I just had to pull them out. I am grateful that I was forced to make my own music, otherwise I would not have that to escape into. Its very therapeutic to me. Almost like painting a wall in a weird way.  

If you can think of any questions you would like to see answered please do not hesitate to email me!  info@eazonproductions.com


Eaz is an accomplished, award winning, multi-faceted media designer and world renowned graffiti artist.

He is responsible for producing a first of its kind, ground breaking graffiti DVD series, “The Future of Graffiti” and now the next game changer “Focus”, the first streaming video series of it’s kind. Every facet of production is done by Eaz, from 3d animation and music, to the featured artwork being conceptualized and completed. His DVD series has been revered as the most influential DVD series on graffiti letter style and spray painting techniques ever created.

In the world of graffiti Eaz is known for his letter style, original characters and concepts. His solo large scale spray painted productions have been published in books and magazines throughout the world.

Eaz has now entered the world of tattooing with a solid background and track record of over 20 years steeped in art and graffiti culture.

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