“If you were ever wondering about some of the technics for color, lettering, blending, characters etc. then this is your opportunity to learn from one of the best out there.”
Slip MPC : Bronx, NY
“This is the quintessential DVD. This is going to show you the how, why and where and what its all about.”
Zephyr : Bronx, NY
“These DVDs will help many out there that really want to learn about the true way of doing graff.”
Serve : Bronx, NY
“I think its good and its official. It will show these kids all around the world, that if you really want to paint and do nasty burners just go out there and cop this DVD.”
Cope 2 : Bronx, NY
“You’re on the next level man!!”
King Tech : Los Angeles, CA
“Explanation of his particular style methods and his openness to interpretation made his work available to me to build on…”
Mare 139 : Bronx, NY

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